Dermaroller C8

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The Dermaroller is used in collagen induction therapy.  Induction therapy refers to where a Dermaroller is used to create multiple micro injuries to the skin. This treatment is used in two ways. One to increase the amount of active ingredients that penetrate the skin and the second to create new healthy collagen and dermal structure to the skin while removing old damaged tissue.

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Collagen induction therapy will entail and in office treatment with a Dermaroller that has a needle length of 1 mm and up. This treatment is used to create micro injuries that will allow the inflammatory process in the deeper, dermis, layer of the skin to be activated. This acute inflammatory process will activate the skin to remove old damaged collagen and elastin and also scar tissue. Your body will then also activate the fibroblasts to make more fibroblasts (proliferation) and make healthier collagen, elastin and everything that lies around these structures (extra cellular matrix). In this way the scarring (especially acne scaring), fine lines and texture are treated and deeper lines are softened.

The Dermaroller needs to be purchased by the client and stays the property of the client.


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