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IPL Laser Hair Removal

It is important not to remove hair with wax, tweezers or using creams before, after of during treatment.  This treatment is more effective if the hair is in an adult phase of growth. Recommend 6-8 treatments, space in between treatments 6, 8- and eventually 12 weeks.

IPL laser is only effective on dark hair, targeting the melanin (pigment) in the hair.  Care needs to be taken in direct sun exposure.  It is advised to use 30 SPF dermal block.


Price: R326 / Duration: 15 min

Uni Brow

Price: R311 / Duration:15 min


Price: R326 / Duration: 15 min

Upper lip

Price: R327 / Duration: 15 min


Price: R370 / Duration: 15 min

Chin & nek

Price: R392 / Duration: 15 min

Full Face

Price: R761 / Duration: 30 min

Belly Button

Price: 330 / Duration: 15 min 


Price: R1049 / Duration: 45 min

Under arms

Price: R411 / Duration: 15 min


Price: R351 / Duration: 15 min

Lower arm

Price: R761 / Duration: 30 min 


Price: R1 102-R1 583 / Duration: 30 – 45 min


Price: R1 347 – R2 849 / Duration: 90 min


Price: R637 / Duration: 15 min


Price: R698 / Duration: 15 min


Price: R945 / Duration: 30 min


Price: R1220 / Duration: 30 min


Price: R314 / Duration: 15 min

Half leg

Price: R2 128 / Duration: 90 min

Full leg

Price: R3 924 / Duration: 120 min 


IPL Laser Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light is used to remove dark unwanted hair and to improve the quality and appearance of the skin based on the principal of concerting light energy to heat energy.  The main target is either melanin (hair removal, pigmented lesions) or haemoglobin (vascular and acne lesions), or both (skin rejuvenation).  With all these treatments, collagen shrinking is taking place, which results in firming and toning of the skin.

Clinically proven Ellipse IPL have a square pulse and a large enough capacity to meet requirements.  This means that there is no heating of the tissue water, which reduces the risk of burning and damaging cells.  This treatment is safe and effective.

IPL Rejuvenation

In this treatment the Melanin (pigment) is the main target. 

It is very successful in treating pigmented lesions, repairing sun damaged skin, acne and vascular lesions.  Heat is conducted to the melanosome and causes destruction of the keratinocytes.  As a result the pigment will surface and disappear.

Face / Neck Included

Price: R1 770


Face Only

Price: R1489


Lower arms

Price: R1173


Price: R1042



Price: R997


Face, Neck & Chest

Price: R2 323




Price: R690


Spot Treatment (1 – 5 shots)

Price: R460


Spot Treatment (1 – 10 shots)

Price: R475


Facial Telangiectasis  T-Panel/Butterfly

Price: R1 042



IPL Vein and Acne Treatment

The IPL can be set where Haemaglobin is the main target.  Heat destroys the protein in the wall of the tread vein.  As a result the veins will gradually and safely disappear.  If used for acne it also targets haemoglobin.  It reduces blood supply around the oil glands and therfor reduces oil production.  Care needs to be taken in direct sun exposure, it is advisable to use a 30 SPF

IPL Anti-Wrinkle Cure with PL-W

The IPL Ellipse provides an anti wrinkle treatment.  ALA 5% is applied to the skin for a hour prior to the treatment and this will make the skin more light permeable.  With up to 3 passovers, a low intensity and longer wavelength, it is possible to stimulate formation of new collagen in the skin as well as collagen shrinking.  The effect is a less wrinkled skin and a smoother skin surface.  There is no down time in these treatments.  For elasticity, acne and scars.

PLW Anti-wrinkel

Price: R3 656


Lidocaine Application

Price: R486


PLW Application

Price: R3 170


PLW Eye Treatment

Price: R1 944


PLW Acne

Price: R2 310