RA Cream


RA cream is indicated for the preparation of remodelling and restoring photo damaged and intrinsically aged skin as a nightly application. For an individual who has clinical signs of photo aged or intrinsically aged skin, we can talk about the key changes that RA cream can bring about in both the epidermis and dermis. RA cream will ‘Clean Out” the damage to make way for the powerful re-building of Dermaheal skin specific growth factors. RA cream gets the skin back in shape and ‘prepared’ to be fixed


RA cream is a highly concentrated retinoic acid analog cream.


RA cream is a unique blend of modern emollients, sage extract, L-serine amino acids, hyaluronic acid and a patented retinoic acid analog.


RA cream is applied once daily, preferably at night. A broad spectrum sunscreen is advised for use while using RA cream. RA cream must be stopped 2 days before professional skin resurfacing, IPL or laser therapy.

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