Back and Neck Massage

Duration:  30 min / Price: R420
Duration:  45 min / Price: R554

Full Body Massage

Duration: 60 min / Price: R755
Duration: 90 min / Price: R1130

Body MIO Shrink to Fit

Duration:  60 min / Price: R1400


Body MIO Workout Wonder

Price:  R512

Duration:  30 min


Body MIO Get Waisted

Price:  R1212

Duration:  60 min


Prozyme back treatment

Price:  R1051

Duration:  45 min

Purifying back enzyme treatment

Price: R1662

Duration: 90 min


Purifying body enzyme treatment

ENZYME THERAPY is specifically designed to treat larger surface areas of the body or specific areas where a problem skin condition has manifested.  The same principles and effects of normal ENZYME THERAPY apply to BODY ENZYME THERAPY. The result is that the treatment actually encouraging the skin to function at its peak.  BODY ENYZME THERAPY works to revise cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin. poor circulation, ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.

Price: R1 694

Duration: 90 min


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